Adorable New Interactive Pets Join FurReal Friends

furreal.jpgWe got a chance to see FurReal Friends Biscuit MyLovin’ Pup in person a few months ago, and even then we were quite taken with him. FurReal Friends are life-like plush electronic plush animal toys that respond and interact with you. For example, Biscuit is the newest Furreal Friend to join the family. He is able to obey six voice commands including “sit,” “sit up and beg,” “lie down,” “give me a paw,” “speak” and “do you want a treat?” He also moves his head and ears, he can blink his eyes, wag his tail and bark. He also has special sensors behind his ears, on his head and on his back so that he is able to respond to touch as well. And if you speak to him – he’ll even bark right back. Biscuit should be available soon and he will retail for $179. Aside from Buscuit there are a bunch of other new FurReal Friends coming out such as:

Tumbles, My Rollover Pup ($39.99). He’s a special puppy that can roll over and wiggle his body. He also responds to rubbing his tummy with puppy sounds, and if you pet the sensors on his back he’ll move back and forth and make relaxed noises.

Newborn Chipmunk ($12.99) can sit and lower his body like a real chipmunk. He can be fed with his bottle and will make baby chipmunk sounds in return.

S’Mores Pony ($249) is a life-sized pony that can move her ears and head. She also has built-in sensors so that she can feel when she is being groomed, and as a result she’ll move her head toward you and snort. She also makes noises when you feed her her carrot.

Kitty Kat ($34.99) can be woken up by gently scratching her head and she’ll open her eyes and sit up. You can also pet her on her back, head or shoulders or tickle her cheeks and she’ll respond by purring.