Say Hello to My Meebas, the Newest Electronic Girls Toy

dsc_0046.jpgMy Meebas is the newest member of the Mattel family and the latest electronic toy aimed toward girls. My Meebas is similar to Tamagotchi that you have to take care and nurture a small creature in a pixelated LCD screen and if successful something wonderful happens. The twist with My Meebas is that once your Meebas has reached adulthood the capsule that the LCD screen is attached to will pop open and reveal a small stuffed Meebas character. There are 60 different My Meebas characters to choose from and 6 different virtues. The identity of each virtue is unknown until the Meebas becomes an adult and you get to see the surprise in store. My Meebas will retail for $19.99. The best thing I will say about the launch of this toy today was the happy faces of the little girls playing with the My meebas. They were from the Lower Eastside Girls Club and besides the basic interest of it being a new toy they also found  it exciting as a gadget which can only tug at this geek girl’s heart strings.dsc_0048.jpgdsc_0049.jpgdsc_0050.jpg