Hasbro Family Game Night Brings Mr. Potato Head to Life

yahtzeewatermark.jpgBack in April we were lucky enough to attend a family friendly event fom EA that displayed up coming and current games that were family orientated. One of the ones that caught my eye and I personally had the most fun with was the The Hasbro Family Game Night, Which until now I had to bite my tongue to mention. But now I can spill all the beans or Mr. Potato heads. As technology sucks in kids more and more, the simple board game will become a thing of the past as well as family play time. Hasbro Family Game Night is a great way to bring everyone together with some classic board games that now have been made into a video game for the Wii and Playstation 2. Mr. Potato head is your host (better looking than Ryan Seacrest in my opinion) as you can choose to play classic games like: Connect Four, Battleship, Yahtzee, Boggle, SORRY! and a new version of Sorry!; SORRY! Sliders. When I played a few demos using the Wii remote it added a more realistic feeling to the game. When you shake dice, move player pieces, etc… it feels like you are really doing it which adds a whole new level of excitement. In addition to playing games you can decorate the digital playroom that all these games can be found in. Launching in the Fall, Hasbro’s Family Game Night will cetainly add alot of fun and hopefully family bonding as you sink each others Battleship.connect4_awatermark.jpgbogglewatermark.jpg