Toy Fair 2008: Mattel Line-up

New York Toy Fair 2008 Mattel Line-up

What would ANY Toy Fair be without Mattel. 2008 looks to be another great year for Mattel who will always dominate the world with Barbie but this year is also Hot Wheels’ 40th Anniversary. Mattel, one of the leading manufacturers is still thinking outside the box when it comes to kids and t’weens and their 2008 line-up is no different. Along with your typical cars and Barbie dolls, there is the continuation of their on-line and kid orientated electronics. So let the fun begin.


In April of last year Mattel launched Barbie Girls – an MP3 player at heart but also unlocked a virtual world on-line at BarbieGirls.com. We did a detailed review of Barbie Girls when it was released last year. And there still is a lot of ruckus going on about it. Well for those who were able to score one are in for a treat come spring.

Barbie Girls Unlockets Accessory & Fashion Packs:

Tired already of your Barbie Girls plastic snap on outfit that came included in your pack. I know I would be! What die-hard Barbie fan wouldn’t want to dress it up even if it is a plastic MP3 player. Obviously mom or dad is not going to buy you more Barbie Girls just for the outfits. Well soon enough you will be able to change its clothes with the Barbie Girls Unlockets accessory packs. Besides dressing up the Barbie Girl it will also unlock more content on-line at BarbieGirls.com

barbie-girls-device-only-1.jpgThe four different accessory packs include:

Deco Pack: This pack will not only accessorize your Barbie Girls but little girls as well. Special earrings are included that connect to the Barbie Girl earbuds, in addition the cord can be transformed into a hip necklace. There is also a pet charm (Baby Koala, Baby Giraffe and Baby Elephant) included in each pack which will girls the ability to adopt a pet on-line.
$9.99 each

Fashion Pack: 2 fashions, 2 hairstyles, a face, shoes, purse, and stick-on “gems.” Your online character will also receive a matching fashion.
$9.99 each

PJ Partyâ„¢ Pack: barbie-girls-pj-party-pack1.jpgWhat little kid doesn’t like a slumber party so why wouldn’t your Barbie Girls like it too? Dress it up as if you it were going to a slumber party with PJ’s, slippers, a teddy, 2 hairstyles (one might just be bed head), and 2 faces ( It would be interesting if you looked like you didn’t get enough sleep.) Finally there is also a scented lip-gloss charm included. Pj’s will be unlocked for you on-line as well as a virtual teddy for you to carry around on BarbieGirls.com
$9.99 each

Glam Gowns Pack: barbie-girls-glam-gowns-ass1.jpgEvery little girl likes to play dress up and thank the “Academy” so the Glam Gowns Pack allows girls to dress up their Barbie Girls MP3 for a night out on the strip to meet Lindsey or Miley. There are 2 hairstyles, 2 glamorous gowns, face, purse, shoes, and matching earrings. If you purchase the Glam Gowns pack you also unlock the New Glam Gowns store on BarbieGirls.com.
$9.99 each

BarbieGirls.com will have more content such as games, videos, furniture and more…

Glam Gowns – Is a a new store that will let Barbie Girl owners owners buy gowns in 16 different colors and 9 different patterns with the ability to make over 800 different style combinations. Once you are done getting all “Project Runway” on your Barbie Girl why not have her shake her thing on the runway and join a fashion show.

Club Beauty – This section is for the budding stylist who thinks they are the next Rachel Zoe. Go ahead and give your pals the greatest makeover or your enemy the worst look possible. You can give them a new do, make-up, or a mani- pedi.You can also be the one getting a makeover as well.

Barbie iDesign Ultimate Stylist CD-ROM Gamebarbie-idesign-ultimate-sty.jpg
We got to see a preview of this game a couple of months ago and we absolutely loved it and where sooo bummed we couldn’t write about then. But now we can and it’s the next big thing in the world of Barbie!

Barbie iDesign will bring out the budding fashion designer in all of us. This is a completely CD-ROM dedicated game with no on-line features. You connect the Barbie iDesign USB scanner to your computer and swipe through like a credit card “Fashion Cards” that consist of all different types of clothing and accessories. Shoes, dresses, pants, shirts….you name it and there is a card for it – over 200 will be available with different themes like beach wear for example. Once you swipe through the different “Fashion Cards” the items are available in the game and can be used on your Barbie models (Barbie, Teresa, Nikki, Summer and Raquelle) Once you feel you have the ultimate collection put together, they will model the clothes that you create in the “Fashion Runway Mode” and outfits will be saved to use again when you want too. “21 million” combinations can be created.

Besides creating clothes for a runway show you can also chill out in the “Designer Club” and watch the show on the big screen or create a magazine cover with images from the runway show. The game comes with 5 fashion cards, a case to hold up to 200 more cards, as well as the CD-ROM for the game and Scanner.

So this a great way to learn the ways of being the next Michael Kors or Donna Karan or how to swipe Mom and Dad’s Visa Card.

Stay Tuned for a possible giveaway of the Barbie iDesign Ultimate Stylist CD-ROM Game

$29.99 each

Disney Channel’s High School Musical

“High School Musical 2” Sing Together Dollshsm-2-sing-together-doll-as1.jpg
I’m not a big fan of HSM 2 but there are enough kids and adults out there that certainly love Zac and the gang. These next generation of HSM 2 dolls will let you sing along with Gabriella, Troy and Sharpay dolls. A microphone is included and you can take turns singing with included microphone. So lets say you are singing one of the HSM 2 songs and then put it to the mouth of the Sharpey Doll it will pick up were you left off! Magical yet creepy!
$24.99 each


We love U.B. FUNKEYS! Well now there is more of them to love and the designs have gotten even more creative and wackier, plus lets not forget there is the game to enjoy.

U.B. FUNKEYS DREAM STATEub-funkeys-dream-state1.jpg
U.B. FUNKEYS keeps feeding are growing addiction with two new zones “Nightmare and Daydream” – along with 10 new Funkeys. Each character will continue to unlock a different game in the zone and new items to “buy” when you want to customize your “crib.” Other exciting Funkeys being introduced is the “Chat” Funkeys, these will allow players to communicate in the game and “Multiplayer” Funkeys will let allow competition against friends.






Girl Tech

Wishful Daisywishful-daisy1.jpg
He loves me he loves me not….this is what you call the 2008 version of this age old game, minus the killing of real flowers. Wishful Daisy lets kids customize their own digital daisy with 50 customizable petals for you to pluck. There are 3 games to play and when you ask the Wishful Daisy a question you’ll be surprised by its answer. I asked whether I would be rich – it responded with “stranger things have happened” talk about a political daisy! If you run out of petals you can go to girltech.com to print more.

DIGI MAKEOVER 2 Makeover System
Because every 11 year old wants to look 15 or 16 these days. Digi Makeover 2 now attaches to your computer to enable your makeover to look more realistic than ever. It comes with a touch pad console and a digital camera that connects to the monitor, there are cool effects for make-up, hair, clothing and accessories. Now makeovers can even be mailed to friends and family or print them out. As much as this is a great game for the tween set – why would you want to worry about how you look at such a young age? You have your twenties and beyond to keep making yourself over inside and out.

Hot Wheels

Not everything is about the girls – even the boys get a fair shake here. The Hot Wheels Turbo Driver is an on-line focused game controller that lets you snap into your controller different “Car-Tridges” that work for different tracks. The controller itself unlocks “Race the World” game, a 3D environment on-line that you use your controller with. Pick different courses and snap in the best “Car-Tridge” for the job. One is included and there are seven sold separately and each one comes with another secret game that can be unlocked. $20.99