Toy Fair 2008: Fisher Price Line-up

New York Toy Fair 2008 Fisher Price Line-up

Fisher Price continues throughout 2008 to take Pre-K learning to the next level. Not only coming up with creative new games and electronics to teach children in early childhood their 1’s and 2’s but also gadgets to keep children of that young age focused and entertained.

Computer Cool School:computercoolschool.jpg
Not all kids are ready for their first Dell computer at the age of 2 or 3. So the The Computer Cool School hopes to at least warm them up to one before the age of 5 when they start asking for an XPS. To get started, you connect the Computer Cool School keyboard to a computer via a USB cable and waalah your kids ready to play and learn. There is Reading and Writing, Math, Science, Art and Music. There are also sounds and pictures for kids to interact with. Parents don’t need to be afraid either if Timmy is done with the computer and wants to start snooping around on the desktop. The Computer Cool School comes with password protection so the desktop and internet are off limits. Additional CDs are also available, “Clifford, Dora and Diego and Scooby-Doo” just to name a few are all sold separately.

Laugh & Learnâ„¢ Smart Bounce & Spin Ponyâ„¢:smartpony.jpgI almost hopped on to this little guy myself when I saw him. The Laugh & Learn Smart Bounce & Spin Pony is designed as a classic playground-themed ride but it has a twist. Connect Pony to the TV via a wireless IR device and select from three levels of play and you can move the characters on the screen by bouncing on the pony. There is also more interactivity if the child spins the rolling roller ball. Noises and music start playing from the TV to entertain for hours. For older kids you can answer math questions in order to make the horse on the TV jump. The great thing is the pony can be enjoyed even if the TV is off it will still make noise and bounce. It’s hours of fun and you can be proud for a change if your TV is the babysitter.

Kid-Tough® Digital Camera:digitalcamera_waterproof.jpg
Before you waste money on a toy camera for your kids thats just going to break anyway, why not get them the Kid-Tough Digital Camera. It’s got a 1.5” LCD color viewing screen for instant image viewing or deletion, and a1.3 Interpolated Megapixel resolution for up to 4×6” prints. There is also 64MB of flash memory for storage of more than 500 pictures and 4 ‘AA’ batteries are required for it to work. I held this thing myself and it’s one tough camera. Not only is is durable it’s also waterproof. So the next time you take your kids to the beach and the camera gets tossed into the ocean – it will survive! Maybe not from jaws, but it will from the water.

Kid-Tough® Portable DVD Player:kid-tough-dvd-player-pink.jpg
If you are one of those parents who has a built-in DVD player in the Mini-Van and are just tired of hearing your kids fight over what to watch on the DVD then this is for you. The Kid-tough Portable DVD Player comes in blue and pink and is extremely tough and shock resistant. Give each of your kids this player and they can watch what they want too. They can even drop it and smack it around and the player nor the DVD inside will get hurt. Features include a 3.2” color TFT screen, rechargeable batteries with two hour life and battery charger with wall power unit. There is a handle to easily carry it around and controls are simple enough for even a parent to figure out…. According to Fisher Price the screen is supposedly as crisp as one on the iPhone, but we will see about that.

Elmo Live:elmo-live-sitting-on-stool.jpg
Last but not least what is bound to be the hottest item since Tickle Me Elmo, will be Elmo Live coming next holiday season. For the first time ever Elmo will talk with his mouth opening and closing. He tells jokes, raises his hands, and even blows kisses, and some other movements. It was amazing to see in person, as well as freaky…Children can bring him to life with a tickle or a squeeze of his foot, tummy, back or nose. He is bound to be your child’s or even your own best friend. He will be available in mid-October and cost $59.99. Get your football gear ready because its sure to be a tackle down the aisle to get him when he is released.