Toy Fair 2008: Fight Fright with The Shrunks

fightfright.jpgpupp.jpgWhat child hasn’t been afraid of noises under their bed or maybe monsters in the closet. Well the Shrunks are on the way to help fight your child’s fears. This was one of the more innovative toys, even if its not that techie that we saw at Toy Expo and their marketing was a bit confusing. The Shrunks family is a collection of plastic figures that always have one eye open and one eye closed so that it appears they are always on the look out to stop fear. The Ududolls by The Shrunks (we said it’s confusing) are plush dolls in the shapes of common monsters that kids fear. So instead of fearing them, hold them tight and give a big hug because they are just afraid as you are of that squeaking noise coming from the closet or under the bed. monsters.jpgFinally, there is also a collection of fight fear gadgets. The Mist’r Calming Spray smells of lavender which will soothe a scared child and scare off monsters. The Blow’r Whistle when blown will signal parents that their child is scared as well as the Yell’r Blowhorn. And the Big’r Magnifier and See’r Flashlight will help kids explore under their beds or in the closet if they think someone is hiding. So help your kids fight fright because in the end all we want is for our children to be safe, whether there fears are real or not. The Shrunks line is moderately priced and all items range from $10 to $30. Check out TheShrunks.com when it launches in March for more info.