Toy Fair 2008: myPC Toddler Keyboard

stageonekeyboard.jpgWe all want our kids to be geniuses before they are age 5 but what we want and what is logical are two different things. myPC is a keyboard created with toddlers in mind. Targeted Technological Solutions has created kid friendly keyboards for the 2 most important stages in a childs life. Stage one keyboard (12 months to 4 yrs) and Stage two keyboard (4 yrs to 7 years.) Just because Mommy and Daddy have an expensive iMac that doesn’t mean Susie can destroy it and with these two specific child orientated keyboards they can’t do to much damage. The keyboards are made to be spill proof with a washable/removable cover. The keys of the keyboard are over sized and colorful to differentiate between numbers, consonants, and vowles. It even comes with a little mouse attached. These keybaords are meant to be simple in design and focus on keys that would be most important to kids at that age. No F12 or caps lock key here. The myPC keyboard for ages 12 months to 4 yrs have much less keys than the Stage Two version. The Stage Two keyboard adds a couple of more keys that will be useful for those just starting school. No pricing is available yet or any other details, so keep checking mytechstart.com for when they launch myPC. Your current keyboard will thank you.