Toy Fair 2008: Bandai Line-up

Bandai has built its brand on infusing Japanese culture into kid orientated entertainment and games. 2008 will be no different for Bandai. Power Rangers and Tamagotchi are among the most popular toys in Bandai’s line and this year they are making some exciting technological innovations to them. So read on to find out more.

Power Rangersred-helmets.jpg

Jungle Fury Mission Helmet:
After all these years Power Ranger merchandising is stronger than ever. One of the most anticipated new items is the new version of the Jungle Fury Mission Helmet. Not only can kids wear it to pretend they are the red ranger but it also connects to your computer via USB. The design of the helmet has been completely revamped and now looks totally authentic, like the TV show and not like a cheesy toy helmet. When connected to the computer kids can download up to 50 different secret missions. You download missions into the helmet to play which last about 2 minutes. Kids will get a kick out of the enhanced sounds, lights and see through visor. I wish I had this when I was a kid! It will retail for $49.99 and be available in July.


Tamagotchi Connection V5:
Tamagotchi is the addictive little toy the size of a egg that can drive you crazy. The countless times my Tamagotchi died – I’m ashamed to even say. Well now I can destroy an entire family with the newest Tamagotchi – Familitchi. So if you have been successful in raising one Tamagotchi, now you can raise a whole family. How you raise and care for your families will determine whether the they will grow into a “celebrity, athlete, model, paparazzi or even a royal family.” The best thing about this latest Tamagotchi is that your new family can socialize with other adult Famailitchi via infrared and they can create bigger families. In addition you can take the fun on-line with the new Tama & Earth Expo website where kids can travel to all different parts of the world. V5 owners can have up to 45 friends in their Tamagotchi and with the all games on-line and off, the hours of fun are endless.
The Tamagotchi Familitchi will debut in August for $14.99

DigiMon Data Squaddigimon.jpg

Digivice Data Link:
I really was not all that familiar with DigiMon but when I was de-briefed on it I certainly became intrigued. The Digivice Data Link will allow kids to battle Digimon digital monsters in the virtual world. You will raise your monster again tending to its needs and once the digital monster is ready and strong enough for battle, kids can connect to other Digivice’s via infrared. The most unique thing of the Data Link is the scanner – not only can you scan DNA metal chips from other monster action figures to unlock special items, kids can scan their wrists or other body parts to see if anything special happens. This happens to be all the craze in Japan, where scanning your phone to pay for food or a cab is in right now. Bandai has taken that technology a few steps down to kid level. The Digivice Data Link is in stores now and costs $14.99