CES 2008: Jakks Pacific EyeClops Sees You – Me and that Pimple

jakks1.jpgWhen I stumbled upon Jakks Pacific at CES, I wasn’t sure what they were all about until I saw the EyeClops BioniCam. Which has to be the most interesting magnifier I’ve ever seen! Seeing it in action, I saw up close of one of the hair follicles of the companies representatives – kinda gross, but still cool. I would have loved this when I was a kid. At first, the device looks like its just a big eyeball with a green handle but it is so much more as it can magnify up to 200x! You can hook it up to your TV or LCD and you will see all that you are magnifying in it’s full up close glory. There are also accessories included to help you view other interesting things up close. There is a observation dish and tube to look at bugs, salt and other things I’m sure your kid would find interesting, or husband for that matter! There is also a built in LED light to light up any object better. Also, just released today was the update to the EyeClops BioniCam which can be adjusted to view images in 100x, 200x, and 400x. The EyeClops can still be plugged in to bionicam1.jpgany TV or LCD via A/V jacks but it is now more portable than ever. There is a built in camera and flash drive so kids can capture what they have just seen and save them on to a USB key that can be uploaded to your computer later. The possibilities are endless! This is one toy that is not only cool for kids but adults too. The original EyeClops is available at Amazon and Toys ‘R’ Us, the newest Eye won’t be available till Fall 2008. Pricing wasn’t available as of press time.jakks2.jpg

Jakks Pacific also had some other fun toys for instance the Ultimotion Game System which also hooks up to your LCD or TV via A/V jacks. This game allows little girls to dress up either like a fairy or sleeping beauty. When they get dressed up and hook themselves with the motion senor gadget your movements are replicated on the TV. So for instance, players can look like a flying fairy on screen or a twirling princess. Both are extremely innovative for young kids and will be a big hit when they hit stores soon. Stay tuned to the Jakks Pacific website for their release and pricing.