CES 2008: BeBeSounds LiteUp Clippers, Tweezers & Scissors For Those Who Clip Their Baby’s Nails in the Dark

besoundsbig.jpgPersonally I like to clip my nails in the light, what normal person doesn’t, except for maybe Dracula. But BeBeSounds seems to think you clips nails at night, especially baby’s nails… I don’t know what baby or young toddler wouldn’t find that frightening in the middle of the night. Maybe that’s just me.. Albeit LiteUps Clippers, LiteUps Tweezers, and LiteUps Scissors all have lights attached to these instruments to make the little itsy bitsy finger nail you are cutting or tweezing light up better. Even in the press materials it says “Light up your baby’s nails while he/she sleeps,” um ok. The LiteUp Tweezer offers a LED light and magnifier to get ingrown hairs or splinters. All three items retail for $4.00 each or you can get the LiteUps baby Care Set for $12.00 which has all 3 torture tools for baby.

duckybebe.jpgOne of the smarter items I came across from BeBeSounds was actually a Bath Thermometer which is disguised as a rubber ducky. The thermometer will test how hot or cold the water is before you get ready for bath time. Bath Thermometer retails for $9.99. If you are interested in any of these babycentric gadgets check out the BeBeSounds website.