Tooth Tunes Review – I Feel Like Brushing and Dancing

Tooth Tunes is a sure fire way to get you to brush your teeth longer. The toothbrush is implanted with a tiny CPU that plays one song for two minutes by sending sound vibrations through your jawbone and up on into your ears. You can hear the music very low when you push the button to activate the toothbrush without touching your teeth. When brushing your teeth firmly it amplifies about 5 times that and is quite audible to all around you. Out of utter curiosity, I wondered how it would react to other surfaces. So I touched a nearby wooden table and my table turned into a huge speaker playing the music very loud! Amazing. Our toothbrush had the theme song from Rocky on it. Granted, Sylvester Stallone realllllly isn’t the first image I wanted burned into my brain and ears that early in the morning, but maybe the kids in Philadelphia would like it. Although each toothbrush comes equipped with one song, there are 22 songs you can choose from. Many of which are more modern songs then Rocky, such as Black Eyed Peas – “Let’s Get It Started” and Hannah Montana – “The Best of Both Worlds.” Plenty of preteen music is there to choose from.

The actual size of the head of the toothbrush is too small for adults but perfect for kids. It comes with soft bristles, so there wont be too much damage if you get carried away with the music. Word of caution to any with TMJ or other mouth sensitive issues, this did give me a bit of a headache. However, when tested by another person without TMJ, it didn’t bother him a bit. This is a fun and entertaining way to get the dentist recommended toothbrush time of two minutes in. It also won’t break the bank, costing you about $10.1.jpg