One Laptop Per Child – 12 Days Left

home-laptop_v2.jpgThere are only 12 days left to participate in this very noteworthy cause. The mission statement for OLPC is “to empower the children of developing countries to learn by providing one connected laptop to every school-age child” But this goal can only be accomplished with our help. When you donate a XO laptop to a child in one of these countries your child in return gets one as well.
Currently this program is only taking place in the United States and Canada.
The XO Laptop runs on Linux which as many know is a free open source application which allows the freedom to change software or other cool features at any given time. So the Laptop can definitely grow with the child at least for awhile. There is also a “Mesh Network” that comes with the XO which can instantaneously pick up other XO Specific laptops in the neighborhood right away. Which is a great feature since most of the developing countries have little or no telecommunication abilities. There is also WiFi built-in as well which can be utilized if you can find a local Starbucks or Oprah’s school in your neighborhood…a feature I think that won’t be used to often unless the local animals have transmitter towers on their backs.
Overall the laptop is not meant to be the next MacBook but it has a rugged and durable design that can easily be dropped and banged and not cause to much harm to the unit.
This program lasts till November 26th and for a donation of $399 someone will get the gift of education and expression. $200 of your donation is tax deductible and if you are in the US you will also get one yr of complementary T-Mobile HotSpot access. We may not all be able to adopt kids from these countries like Angelina and Brad but every small thing we do counts. To find out more details and to donate please go to http://www.laptopgiving.org.