IM-me Wireless Handheld Chatting Device Review

img_1385.jpgThe IM-me wireless handheld chatting device can get your kids away from the captivating glowing screen of your computer and onto a secure network, while adding a fashionable flair to your princess’ social life. It may even put an end to the squabbling over the computer.

The handheld device itself is about 4”wide, 3” tall, and 1” thick. It is mostly magenta with varying shades of pink and lots of cute tiny buttons for the little chica’s manicured nails to type on. It’s like a hybrid of a Sidekick and a Pink Razor, minus the internet & phone access that leaves you with the large monthly bill making you question dipping into college funds. The handheld purely facilitates IM’s that are transmitted from the wireless RF USB plug-in at the main computer in your house, and only among the IM-me personalized network. This allows them to roam the comforts of almost anywhere in the home and never lose touch with their BFF’s.
Chats can only occur between those that have an IM-me too. So this might make a good gift to buy your darling’s posse. In order to start a chat with someone, you must have them added in your address book, and you must be in their address book as well. This is very easy for parents to monitor and comforting to know that strangers can’t creep in easily. What if you have no other friends with an IM-me? Well, the “Go to Girl tech website” has invites you can print and pass out to friends. They can then log on and create a temporary trial account, download the program, and talk to you. Clever and free marketing strategy? I would say yes.
An installation CD is included. It is a piece of cake wizard program that requires a few easy steps as well as entry of a registration code. Internet is of course required. When installed, the navigation pane looks like a pinked out AOL buddy list. 15 friends can be added. The icons next to added friends light up in a bright pink flower. Purdy! The handheld also allows for plenty of IM personality with emoticons galore.
img_1390.jpgThree simultaneous chats can happen on it per session. If your daughter is anything like an average pre-teen, you will be going through a lot of batteries. The handheld operates on 3AA batteries. To bad there isn’t an AC adapter with it. It is also a shame that this is not compatible with Macs, because it is a great product.

Alternatively for the teenagers there is Zipit Wireless Messenger 2 which gives you access to AOL, Yahoo, MSN instant messenger accounts. You can hold many conversations at a time with any of those services. You can even listen to music through MyTunez while you IM back and forth or show off photos using MyPhotoz. Lastly there is no fee to IM as long as there is free Wi- Fi Network and Zipit finds it. Of course this unit is much more expense and retails for $149.99.

IM-me fills the important need of parents to protect kids, as well as the need for a young girl to communicate incessantly and look cute doing it. This is a well-planned and cleverly carried out product. It retails for about $65.


The Good: It’s pink and portable. Does it get better? A safe network is also sure to ease a parent’s mind.

The Bad: Batteries for goodness’ sake! They might spend their whole allowance on it alone.