Girlz Connect Locketpal Review

p1000412.JPGOne of the many great things about children, is that they have a unique propensity to be totally honest in giving you their opinion. And that turned out just great, in helping me review Bandai’s Girlz Connect Locketpal (ages 5 to 8). For this fun project, I solicited the help of my darling nieces, Jasmine (age 9) and Brooke (age 7)The Girlz Connect LocketPal is a game, organizer and mood meter that fits right in your pocket or can conveniently clip onto the belt loop of your pants or even onto a backpack. This cool gadget is made from sturdy and durable plastic and it resembles a pendant with an actual vanity mirror. Also, a touch screen and stylus (a special pen) is used to access all activities via a screen menu located on the Locketpal. The LocketPal is turned on and off from a button that is located on the right side.

dsc00842.JPGdsc00841.JPGThe LocketPal has five different games, and one is able check their mood using the mood meter and even get their Horoscope. Additionally, parents will be overjoyed because this gadget also includes a calendar that could possibly be used in teaching your child to input important dates into their calendar (for example, a note for your child to let you know what you want for your birthday or holiday gift!). A battery is included and the instructions are on the box and were very easy for our tester to follow.

All in all, Brooke enjoyed everything about her LocketPal (especially playing tic tac toe) as well as the mood meter. This seven year olds only complaint was that she wished she could play tic tac toe non-stop on her LocketPal!


The Good: Compact and very well designed, comes with an extra stylus, good selection of games and Will make a good holiday stocking stuffer

The Bad: Not enough hours in the day to play tic tac toe!

Lastly, we here at Chip Chicklets would like to thank our testers, Jasmine and Brooke for their honest opinion and for putting these gadgets to the test! Great work guys!