PLAYSKOOL Made for Me MP3 Player for Tots

093474f831a_main400.jpgPLAYSKOOL has now also jumped on to the MP3 bandwagon. Marketed towards parents as a way for your child to get an ‘ear’ for music at a young age. The PLAYSKOOL Made for Me MP3 unit allows you to download up to 2 hours of MP3 or WMA music for your child. Playlists can be customized and songs from CD’s can be transferred. You also have the ability to record your voice for when your baby sleeps or is in the car. They can listen to you say sweet nothings to them like: “Please become a CEO when you grow up so I can retire soon” or “Please potty train fast – huggies are expensive- I love you.”
There is also a shuffle function so songs can be played at random. You know just in case you wanted to surprise your little one when Barney comes on or itsy bitsy spider – Oh the excitement! The MP3 player does come pre-loaded with 50 Tunes in 4 different playlist suited for playtime, sleep time, day or nighttime. Retailing for $49.99 it comes with a software installation disk, USB cable and instructions. No headphones however – since it’s meant for ages birth and above they want to preserve your baby’s hearing till age 3 at least. Two downsides of this MP3 player is that it will only work with other PLAYSKOOL Made for Me Toys such as the PLAYSKOOL MADE FOR ME system, including the 2-in-1 Infant Gym, DAY TO DREAM SOOTHER and DIGITAL MUSIC PLAYER. Without those systems the unit is not operable. Also it does not support MAC. So those select youngsters are still stuck with those embarrassing IPods…