Mio Pup Interactive Companion Pet Sings To You

75048134dcce_main400.jpg750504fd3fe_main400.jpgMio Pup is the latest companion interactive “puppy” geared towards the Hannah Montana set from Tiger electronics. Possessing the ability to have real emotions with its 100 different “eye-cons” and animation through its supposedly endearing eyes. You will be able to tell its different moods – if it’s happy, sad, hungry, etc. And when the Mio Pup is in a good mood it will sing and play music to show you. You can hold it like a real dog and it will walk like one too. It even has the ability appear that it’s thinking, if you told Mio you have a secret crush on some boy or girl. The Mio Pup also loves to be pet – not that I personally find petting plastic at all appealing but maybe that’s just me. Retailing for $49.99 and running on 4 double AA Batteries. The Mio Pup is a great companion for your kids, especially if you don’t feel they are ready for the real thing yet.