Fly Fusion Pentop Computer Transfer Your Notes to Your PC

flytop.jpgWhen I was kid if I had all these smart little pens I would have sent them to school and I would have stayed home. “eh homework – Pen you do it”
LeapFrog practically the leader in pre-teen technology has come out with an update on their Fly Fusion Pentop Computer. New updated features include a sleeker design, PC connectivity, and MP3 Player. Of course the main feature of this the Fly Fusion is the ability to transfer scribbled notes from Fly Paper to you computer. Once they’re on your computer you can read them or edit them for future use and what I think is even cooler is that the pen can translate up to a 1000 Spanish words as well as help you with your algebra homework. I’m not quite sure how that works as I have not seen it in person but it sounds pretty cool. Powered by a rechargeable battery it usually runs for 5-6 hours which is what at a normal school day would be. Retailing for $79.99 and the notebooks which help make your pen come to life are retailed for $7.99 fo 80 pages front and back.