Pirates Treasure Chest Boom Box

priatetreasuechest.JPGArr Matey!! Everyone seems to be still be in the pirate mode even with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ over. So Target is still trying to ride out the choppy waves with the Pirates Treasure Chest Boom Box. It’s not very hi-tech – it doesn’t even have an ipod docking port! It’s a plain Boombox; with a 1 disc capacity CD Player, front LED display, and a audio digital input. If your pre-teen is already getting down with their Nano then stay away from this boombox because you are liable to be made fun of by your 9 yr old. But if you care about not piercing your kids ear drums at a tender age and letting them listen to a CD that is becoming almost as archaic as the Vinyl record then this toy is for your tot. Eye patch and head bandanna not included. The Pirates Treasure Chest Boom Box retails for $39.99.