Fisher Price’s Smart Cycle Physical Learning Arcade System

fisherpricesmartcycle.jpgBetween the Wii and games like Dance, Dance Revolution, video games are turning out to be a great way to keep in shape. Now Fisher Price has come out with an interactove video game for preschoolers whom might not be interested in games like DDR just yet, so that they too can have fun while staying fit. The new Smart Cycle Physical Learning Arcade System includes a stationary bike that connects to a TV via A/V jacks. Kids can pedal and steer on the smart cycle whilst being involved in learning games like Learning Adventure, which includes three ways to play and learn: Driving, Learning Arcade Games and The Big Race. “In the driving mode, kids learn valuable academic skills while pedaling through fun environments. In the Learning Arcade Games, kids can use the joystick to play games while learning letters, numbers, shapes, colors, spelling, problem solving and more. Finally, in the Big Race, kids can time themselves and race against other vehicles on the TV or against a friend.” The smart Cycle retails for $99.99