The Hornet 3 Micro Helicopter Review with Flight Test

hornet3b.jpgWhat’s seven inches long, weighs half an ounce, sounds like a bumble bee, and will consume hours of your little one’s precious time? The new Hornet 3 Hobbytron.com mini r/c helicopter! Helicopters seem to hold a mystical power especially over the male species. Maybe it’s a guy thing. Either way this is a pretty awesome toy. With a bit of practice you can have this tiny helicopter whizzing around your house like a pro. The body is constructed from a dense EPP foam it will resist the many crashes and collisions you will likely put it through as you learn how to control it. The heli is charged off an internal battery that charges off of the infared remote control in about 15 to 20 minutes, providing about10 minutes off fly time per charge. The remote has two joysticks, one to control the throttle and the other to aim it left and right. You will also need to trim the helicopter so that it doesn’t spin with the handy trim knob in the center of the controller. There are 3 flight modes -hover, pilot, and attack. Check out the Hornet 3 in action here. hornet31.jpg Flying the helicopter is a breeze, it takes a light touch and a bit of anticipation but kids will pick right up on it. Adults might even find themselves flying these things around the office, harassing their coworkers. Death from above! Due to its light weight, it’s not made to fly outside, and the slightest breeze will blow it off course, but even if it does crash don’t worry, these things are tough. We’ve crashed ours dozens of times without even a scratch. The Hornet 3 comes in three different bands so you can fly all three at the same time. Inside the box are customizable decals, detailed guide and instructions, counterweights to adjust speed, replacement tail rotors, and even a handy screwdriver! We were impressed at how well thought out this toy was, and how much fun we had testing it. Anybody for a game of helicopter tag?