Microsoft Math 3.0 Software Tries To Make Learning New Math, Less Complicated

microsoftmath1.jpgI for one never liked Math but History, English and Computer Science that was my thing. “Gasp” Computer Science you say, that means I had to like some Math – NO! And I barely got through those horrible calculus and trig classes, luckily my love of Computers kept me hanging on. Well if I was in school now then maybe I wouldn’t have so many problems because Microsoft’s Microsoft Math 3.0 combines my love of computer interaction with math. Kids can learn to solve algebra, trigonometry, chemistry, and physics with step by step guidance and a better understanding of concepts. An interactive graphing calculator is available to use as well that is designed to work as a real life fully functional calculator. I always liked seeing things visually and with Math 3.0 you can and possibly understand the concepts better than the teacher who zooms past that section in class. Another cool feature is that they have a Ink Handwriting Support that works with Tablet and Ultra-portables so problems and can be written out by hand and will be recognized by the software. Microsoft Math 3.0 retails for just $19.99 and can be downloaded from Microsoft – I certainly would have found this useful when I was a kid but it with all it’s bells and whistles it probably would have still ended up were those flash cards for the multiplication tables are….hmmm.