Adorable U.B. Funkey Figures and Hubs Interact with Your Computer

funkeyub1.jpgWhile the Digital Life Preview event this past thursday had some great products with lots of savvy tech advances we took a shine to the more simple tech gadgets for kids this time around. We previously featured an extensive review on Mattels Barbie Mp3 Player and Mattel is going full steam ahead with yet another cute gizmo to attract the Tagamachi set. Its called U.B.Funkeys when you connect each Funkey figure to the U.B.Funkey Hub which is connected to the computer it unlocks a new zone within the software for the Funkey figure. You can collect up to 42 different characters which all have different games, zones and fun things to explore when connected to the HUB. Each Funkey seems to have its own personality just by its design Some look like a cross between a Teletubbie and teddy bear and others look like green aliens. The more you play the more Coins you earn to create a crib that can be posted on-line for fellow Funkeyites to see. Just like the world you create with the Barbie Girls MP3 player when you log into Barbie.com. U.B Funkeys allow you to have fun with the toy physically as well as virtually.

Not yet released to US markets but certainly should be a hot holiday item – U.B Funkey will retail for $19.99 for the starter kit which includes, software, two Funkey figures and the U.B.Funkey Hub. Additional Funkeys will cost $4.99 each.