Tamagotchi ‘Virtual Pets’ Build Careers As Rock Stars, Scientists, Bakers and More…


With the new Tamagotchi “Virtual Pet” Toy (V4), kids accompany their digital pet on a keychain through life – the egg hatching into a baby; the child/teenager attending school; and finally, the adult landing a dream job!

Kids play with this virtual pet using the three-button controls on the toy; by going online to a virtual world called Tamagotchi Town; and by sending an infrared beam to their friend’s Tamagotchi.

How a Tamagotchi is cared for influences its health. Using a digital panel at the top and bottom of the screen as a guide — feed it well; try your best at the games; give it praise; and, last but not least flush the toilet. The pet’s health and what skills points it earns in each of three areas – intellectual, arts, social – determine the physical evolution of the character and what type of job it can get. A pet could enjoy one of 15 careers, including a rock star, scientist, doctor, florist and baker. He/she may even switch careers later in life, if there’s a job opening.

Kids Will Like: The pet and the online virtual world include a wide variety of addictive games at different challenge levels. The most challenging game is figuring out how to gain specific skill points through trial and error to point your pet to attaining a particular career. The career element is new for 2007.

Parents Will Like: The pause and sound on/off buttons. To avoid sad kids, advise your kids to pause the toy while at school or not attending to it or it will get sick and die. The toy is easily reset, but the Tamagotchi will be a new egg and all previous points/prizes earned etc. will be lost.

Overall, we think this is a terrific toy that keeps kids engaged. Bandai is also committed to building out the activities and games. Version 4.5 will be available in July with new career choices, games and design styles. The virtual pet retails for $14.99.