Disney Mobile Wins Money Magazine Field Test of GPS Phones That Locate Your Kids


Would you buy your child a phone if it meant: 1) that you could use GPS to track their whereabouts and 2) that you could determine whom your kids call and when? Disney Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Sprint all offer options for GPS tracking. Disney Mobile was the winner of a recent field test by Money Magazine after it wowed an Indianapolis family with the features we just mentioned. The winning parent phone was a Pantech DM-P205, $100 with rebate and two-year contract. The winning kid phone was a LG DM-L200, $50 with rebate and two-year contract. All Disney family plans ($59.99 and up) include five free uses of Family Locator per month. You can add unlimited searches for $12.99 a month. Click here to check out the full review or visit disneymobile.go.com for more details. We like idea of giving parents a way to quickly locate their kids. We also like the idea of giving kids an easy option for phoning home. We think that GPS can offer some parents peace of mind, and in that case, we think a cell phone for a child makes sense.
(Via CNNMoney.com)