Parents, Kids Creating Innovative Robots In LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT Competitions

Lego Mindstorms NXT challenges robot enthusiasts, parents and kids ages 10 and up to design, build and program robots to do what they want. Mindstorm NXT robots can sense light, sound and touch, and you can program them on Macs or PCs. Named one of the best products of 2006 by BusinessWeek, Mindstorms NXT features a 32-bit microprocessor, 4 input ports, 3 output ports, a matrix display, USB, bluetooth and speakers. It sells for $249.

Today, 2000 robot designs created by kids and parents using Mindstorms NXT are posted to the NXTLOG, a community for users. The creativity is endless – we’ve posted a photo of a robot that solves Rubix’s cube. Best robot contests are running all the time. If you and your child like building, this toy provides a terrific opportunity for learning, bonding and endless fun. Check it out at NXTLOG.