4Moms: New Gadgets Monitor Bath, Shower Water Temperature

4Moms was founded in 2005 by parents. It’s mission is to create digital electronics products that make “routine daily tasks easier and more enjoyable for both parents and children.” We really like their first wave of products that monitor the water temperature in the bath and shower.

Digital Bath Spout Cover With Built-In Thermometer – Parents set a comfortable water temperature using the faucet and see the temperature displayed on the screen. “Just right” is green. If the water gets to cold, the screen will turn blue; and if it gets too hot, the screen will turn red and sound an alert. The cover is made of a soft, cushy foam that is mildew resistant. It’s $29.95.

Cleanwater Infant Tub with Digital Thermometer – This tub controls the water flow and temperature of an infants’ bath. It ensures that clean water is flowing into the tub at the right temperature, and that the dirty water is emptied on an ongoing basis. It’s $39.95.

Digital Sink Thermometer and Digital Shower Thermometer – These products were designed to assist older children that are washing their hands or showering unsupervised. A digital screen turns green for “warm,” blue for “cold” and red for “hot.” Coming Soon.