Hammerhead Sharks That Swim With You!


Do you swim like a fish, maybe even as sly as shark? We may have the toy for you. Boys and girls eight and up should check out the Remote Controlled Robotic Shark. This 2′ Hammerhead Shark moves forward, backwards, sideways or dives up to 9 feet deep. The remote operates from up to 40 feet away. You can even swim with your shark since the remote control is submersible. The remote controlled shark is said to move like a real shark through the water.

While its cool that it gives you the swimming with sharks feeling, we think this toy could really startle people or frighten young children. So, be careful how you use this if you decide to purchase one. The unit has a 15-minute run time per charge (four-hour initial charging; one-hour for each subsequent recharging), and an additional battery is sold separately for reduced downtime. Each shark has a different remote frequency so that two can be used at the same time. The shark is available at www.hammacher.com in red or blue retails for $99. The additional battery is $24.95.