Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman’s Spider-Smart Learning Laptop


Two new Spidey laptops were just introduced by Kid Designs. The Black Spidey Laptop for kids ages 5 to 8 encourages kids to tackle learning games to defeat a series of villians, leading to the final showdown with the Sandman. Kids learn math, spelling, vocabulary and more. The laptop has 8 learning zones and more than 40 games. The green LCD screen is easy to read, and the Spidey voice that coaches the kids through the storyline is loud and clear. The laptop retails for $39.99. This seems like a terrific value for the money. We think this laptop is richer in games and drills than the new red Spidey laptop that retails for $10 less, and is geared toward kids ages 3-7. We recommend checking them both out before deciding. At Toys R Us in Times Square, one of each unit was on display so you could try before you buy. We love that! Click on the link below to see the Red Spidey Laptop.