Beanie Babies Creator Launches Ty Girlz Dolls, 3D Virtual World


Have you checked out the new Ty Girls Dolls by Ty Warner, creator of Beanie Babies? The six new dolls are each 14″ tall, soft-sculped with a unique hair color and matching outfit. You can style the doll’s long hair and mix and match her outfits. TyGirlz.com says that the six dolls are only available for a short time — just like Beanie Babies — possibly hinting that new dolls will be introduced when old ones are retired. And if that wasn’t enough each girl comes with a secret code that will give you access to the TyGirlz.com Virtual World. Once in the virtual world, you can visit the mall and shop til you drop — decorating your room with new furniture and buying new outfits and accessories. You can get a makeover at the salon, play games to earn money for shopping and socialize at the Club. We learned all of the this from the tour section of TyGirlz.com.


So far this sounds very similar to the BarbieGirls.com Virtual World. The main difference is that BarbieGirls.com is FREE to anyone with no purchase necessary. With Ty Girlz, you need to own a Ty Girlz Doll, which will set you back $14.95. At BarbieGirls.com, you only have access to certain areas of the world for free. To own a pet, for instance, you need to purchase the BarbieGirls MP3 Player/Doll for $59.99 (It’s not available until July.) As soon as we get a hold of a Ty Girlz Doll (which are AVAILABLE NOW!), we will give you more details on the virtual world. We have posted some photos from TyGirlz.com. Also, check out our posts on BarbieGirls.com.








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