Signing Time! Engaging, Musical Videos Teach Children Sign Language

signingtime.jpgAre you looking for a new way to communicate with your pre-verbal baby or child with special needs? Folk rocker Rachel Coleman created the Signing Time! video and DVD series so her family and friends could communicate with her daughter Leah, who is deaf, and so parents could more easily communicate with their pre-verbal babies. The series combines signing, speaking, singing and dancing in teaching American Sign Language (ASL). This multi-sensory approach appeals to various types of learners: visual, auditory and tactile/kinesthetic.
The newest videos in the series are Practice Time 123s and Practice Time ABCs — each DVD is $14.99 and available for purchase at Signingtime.com. We recommend these two videos for their engaging and easy-to-understand approach to teaching sign language to little ones. We ran across Signing Time! at Toy Fair in New York, Feb 11-14.