Disney Series USB Keys with Interchangeable Faceplates

A-Data has a selection of adorable mini flash USB keys designed with your
favorite Disney Characters
including Donald, Minnie, Mickey and Winnie the Pooh.
These mini Flash disks are super small with a foldable connector and they can
also be warn on a lanyard. The USB keys are available in 512mb, 1GB and 2GB
capacities. A-Data has another series of Disney USB Keys that are a bit bigger,
but these come with interchangeable faceplates. The Disney Series Mickey USB2.0
Flash Disk
comes with five faceplates including Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Diasy
Duck, Donald Duck and Pluto. They also have a Disney Series Cars USB 2.0 Flash
that comes with 2 interchangeable Cars faceplates. Both of these last 2 USB
keys are available in capacities ranging from 512mb to 8GB.