Wireless Amber Alert Text Messages Reaches out to Wireless Customers to Help Save Children

Sometimes all it takes to be a hero is to receive a text message. The Wireless Amber Alert Text Message system was set up to alert subscribers of child abductions in their area, and since the service has began, several children have been safely returned to their homes as the result of a stranger receiving an Amber Alert text message on their phone. When you sign up, you enter your Zip code, and in a situation where a law enforcement agency is able to obtain descriptive information about the victim and his or her’s general whereabouts, an Amber Alert is issued with all of the descriptive information to all Amber Alert subscribers in an area. We urge you to sign up for this service because you never know where you might end up being one day and how what you notice in one moment can change the lives of a child and a family out there.
And in a very un-corporate like move, every wireless carrier in the U.S. has agreed to wave all fees associated with receiving an Amber Alert text message – so you now have no excuse but to go ahead and sign up.