Teksta V2 Robotic Puppy Makes a Great Cheap Aibo Alternative

We get it – you were crushed when they discontinued the Aibo, especially since you never got the chance to scrounge up enough moola to splurge on one. For £36.75 ($69 USD) you can sooth your pain with the Teksta V2 Robotic Puppy which does look strikingly similar to the AIBO. Sure, the Teksta V2 Robotic Puppy may not be as advanced as the Aibo was, but he is sophisticated enough to be activated by voice, touch and light. His eyes also light up and his tail will wag to show you how he is feeling, just like a real AIBO, errr, or should we say just like a real dog? He also barks, whines and whimpers. An included handheld translator will help you understand what exactly he is trying to convey when he barks, whines and whimpers.