Hip Pop Pets Aim to Compete with iDog and Friends

You know that you have made it big when other companies start making imitations of your products. Hip Pop Pets are essentially the same concept as Hasbro’s i-Dog, i-Cat and i-Fish. (By the way, congrats to the i-Dog and the recent birth of the i-Dog Pup). Similarly, there are a couple of Hip Pop Pets to choose from – an owl, froggy, piggy and dog. And just like Hasbro’s pets, the Hip Pop Pets dance to your mp3 player’s tunes while pumping out music via their built in speakers. They also have an interactive mode that "turns out built-in sound and music through a CDS sensor for double the fun." Ok, we would be lying if we said we understand exactly what that mode does.
Overall, the Hip Pop Pets function the same way as the i-Dog, are about the same size as the i-Dog, and they look similar to the i-Dog and his pals. The Hip Pop Pets do have an advantage though, a Hip Pop Pet Doggy retails for $19.99, while an i-Dog retails for $29.99. If you’d like a Hip Pop Pet Doggy for yourself, out your local Radio Shack, or you can buy a pair of Hip Pop Pets for $34.99.Bestbrandsclub_1922_5931209