Disney Mix Max Personal Media Player Reviewed

DisneymixmaxCnet has a video review of the Disney Mix Max player. The $100 personal media player comes with 512mb of internal memory that can be expanded with up to 2GB via secure digital cards. The player is also available in 4 colors – including pink and blue, it has a 2.2 inch screen that is capable of playing videos at 30FPS, and it can also play Mp3 files. Battery life is pretty good at about 3 hours for video playback and 27 for audio playback. And in case you’re afraid to give this to a really little kid because you fear that he or she might not be able to figure out how to transfer content on to it, there are plenty of Disney Max Clips available to purchase which are memory cards with preloaded videos and movies. However, chances are that kids will figure out how to use this PMP quicker
than most adults. Overall, Cnet gave the Disney Mix Max player a good rating of 6.7, and for just $100 we think many kids will be able to convince their parents to get them one.