Strollometer Pedometer for Baby Carriages

I expected the Strollometer ($40) and odometer for a baby carriage–to be the evil-adapted offspring of a cycling computer and a pedometer. It is, rather, that rarest of gizmos: a novel, high-quality, thoughtfully designed item that serves a very specific audience very well. It’s simple to install, with clear instructions and sturdy components. A magnetic sensor on the back wheel feeds wirelessly to the console, which snaps onto the stroller handle. Crazily enough, it works well, accurately tracking speed, distance and trip time, even at a run. And it tells the temperature too. It’s a little iffy on compact umbrella strollers, though. For my own personal testing, a local day care center
in my neighborhood was kind enough to let me use various strollers
to conduct my test. However, they had one caveat: That I let them use the device. I begrudgingly obliged. All for the the children, of course! – Kevin Geter