SquidSoap – Training Tomorrow’s Great Hand Washers

For some reason most kids hate being clean. Being dirty is indeed more fun, but kids also tend to get sick frequently. The culprit is often improper hand washing, which leads to germs being passed around the playground. Along comes a nifty soap called Squid Soap. It’s a refillable soap dispenser with a fun orange squid toy. When kids press down to pump the soap, a tiny orange "ink" dot is added to the palm of their hands via a circular marker on top. The ink is safe and obviously washable. To remove it, kids will have to wash their hands throughly for at least 15-20 seconds. This trains and teaches kids an overall good hygiene habit. SquidSoap retails for around $3.99. Another similar product is Listerine’s Agent Cool Blue Plaque-Detecting Rinse, which tints plaque blue. Kids will then have to brush it away. –Leah Cheng