Hasbro’s CHATNOW Flip Communicators

When it comes to cell phones, most teenagers demand them, and nowadays children are asking for them as well. Hasbro wants to make sure that even your 8 year old can get in on some cellular action, yet Hasbro understands that most parents are not ready to invest a lot of money into something that will be carried around by a child. With Hasbro’s CHATNOW Flip
Communicators, kids 8 years old and up can talk to their friends up to 2
miles away and even send text messages. The communicators also feature a digital camera and push
to talk, just like many grown up cell phones! However, these have no pricey plans or activation costs. You can also buy fancy carrying cases to accessorize the communicators with – just like the big kids do with their phones. These communicators must be the next generation’s version of tin cans with string. The CHATNOW Flip Communicators retail for $74.95 and run on 4 AAA batteries.